What is ProGeorgia?

ProGeorgia is Georgia’s non-profit civic engagement table. It is a new way to create a state we can be proud of. We strive to become a state that takes care of its citizens and our beautiful natural resources.

ProGeorgia brings together the power of existing non-profit groups to work in a more strategic way, with new tools and technology, to change the policies of our state. ProGeorgia is building infrastructure by supporting, connecting, and coordinating civic participation efforts of our non-profit member groups. And ProGeorgia is implementing ways to win policy and electoral battles for progressive social change.

What does ProGeorgia Do?

Nonpartisan 501(c)3 non-profit organizations have an integral role to play in advancing civic engagement. A balanced, efficient landscape that supports and connects grassroots organizations must have its own distinct nonpartisan support system. ProGeorgia coordinates the civic engagement efforts of member organizations in the following areas:

  • Voter Engagement. To increase the vote share of historically underrepresented and socially responsible voters in Georgia, ProGeorgia provides our member groups with critical tools, resources, and services to enhance and improve their voter contact work. These include targeting, modeling, field coordination, and collective voter guides.
  • Issue Organizing. ProGeorgia seeks to grow and measure the issue environment in Georgia through such activities as setting a collective issue agenda, developing partner issue briefs, holding issues summits, and coordinating legislative advocacy so that we may more effectively advocate for policies that will create a better Georgia.
  • Economies of Scale. ProGeorgia is uniquely positioned to save member groups considerable money through coordinated work and shared contracts. We also provide added value through programs and resources that benefit the work of our member groups.

What Tools and Resources does ProGeorgia Offer?

The resources ProGeorgia provides to enhance and coordinate civic engagement activities include:

  • Shared voter file technology: Catalyst and VAN
  • ProGeorgia staff
  • Shared polling and modeling
  • Coordination and monitoring of voter education and voter mobilization efforts

Who is ProGeorgia?

Plans for the establishment of ProGeorgia began in 2011 after a small group of non-profit organizations worked together on civic engagement projects during the 2010 election season.  In 2012, ProGeorgia was officially established and is currently comprised of 12 member organizations.  These organizations are:

  • Atlanta 9 to 5
  • Asian American Legal Advocacy Center of Georgia (AALAC)
  • Equality Foundation of Georgia
  • Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO)
  • Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda
  • Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund
  • Georgia Stand Up
  • Georgia State Conference, NAACP
  • Georgia WAND Education Fund
  • League of Women Voters of Georgia Education Fund
  • Planned Parenthood Southeast
  • Partnership for Southern Equity

While our work is specifically focused on Georgia, we have joined the national network of civic engagement tables around the country called State Voices.  You may learn more about this national network by visiting their website, www.statevoices.org

Why is ProGeorgia Important Now?

The need for robust voter engagement to advance progressive issues in Georgia is evident. With investment in smart, robust organizing and strategies, the state of Georgia may be poised for a shift towards real progressive social change. Today, the picture is bleak. Virtually every progressive policy change proposal hits a brick wall in the state legislature. Additionally, Georgia has served as a testing ground for conservative policies that later spread to other states.

A key tool for progressive change in other states across the country has been the establishment of civic engagement state tables. In the traditional Deep South, no state has this type of alliance. In Georgia, we hope to use our experience as a template or laboratory for organizing civic engagement tables in other Deep South states. We see serious investment in ProGeorgia as a key to winning Georgia and the South.

ProGeorgia is an exciting new approach to civic engagement in our state and is a strong investment in the growth and strength of Georgia’s progressive infrastructure.

How Can You Help?

ProGeorgia is supported by individual Georgia donors, state based foundations, and national foundations.  To add your support, please contact Page K. Gleason, ProGeorgia Executive Director, at pgleason@progeorgia.org or Krista Brewer at kristaruthbrewer@gmail.com.  Contributions to ProGeorgia are tax-deductible.



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