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Welcome to ProGeorgia!

ProGeorgia is a member of the State Voices Network, a new model of cooperation and sharing amongst grassroots groups.

Why is ProGeorgia Important Now?

With investment in smart, robust organizing and strategies, the state of Georgia may be poised for a shift towards real people-centered social change. Today, the picture is bleak. Virtually all policies designed to uplift those most in need and reverse the tide on socio-economic inequity hit a brick wall in the state legislature. At the same time, Georgia increasingly serves as a testing ground for regressive policies harmful to members of historically marginalized and underserved communities that later spread to other states. A key tool for forward-looking, people-centered change in other states across the country has been the establishment of civic engagement state tables.


ProGeorgia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This means we’re dependent on the support of our community. Your generosity is what keeps us going and our future strong.