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Welcome to ProGeorgia!

ProGeorgia is a member of the State Voices Network, a new model of cooperation and sharing amongst grassroots groups.

Why is ProGeorgia Important Now?

The need for robust voter engagement to advance progressive issues in Georgia is evident. With investment in smart, robust organizing and strategies, the state of Georgia may be poised for a shift towards real progressive social change. Today, the picture is bleak. Virtually every progressive policy change proposal hits a brick wall in the state legislature. Additionally, Georgia has served as a testing ground for conservative policies that later spread to other states. A key tool for progressive change in other states across the country has been the establishment of civic engagement state tables. In the traditional Deep South, no state has this type of alliance. In Georgia, we hope to use our experience as a template or laboratory for organizing civic engagement tables in other Deep South states. We see serious investment in ProGeorgia as a key to winning Georgia and the South. ProGeorgia is an exciting new approach to civic engagement in our state and is a strong investment in the growth and strength of Georgia’s progressive infrastructure.

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ProGeorgia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This means we’re dependent on the support of our community. Your generosity is what keeps us going and our future strong.